All things Database and VMware

Yvonne Murphy. Oracle Certified Master. VMware Certified Professional,  Member of the Office of the Chief Technical Ambassador VMware.


My role in VMware is to support customers running any Oracle product in a VM. But in all honestly Oracle do a great job of this so that doesn’t keep me busy.

There’s a lot of opportunities for a DBA to make herself useful in GSS though. I’m like a ninga. I go into those black boxes and I do some tricks in the database. Most of the blogs here are those scripts I use.

Do remember a bunny dies everytime you make a chance on one of these databases. so backup first!

Removing duplicate rows for all databases

Day to day we have to delete duplicate data from the database.

An upgrade requires  Primary key where one didn’t exist before or a db let it guard down and didn’t enforce the PK’s (yeah looking at you postgres!)

Or if an upgrade can’t create a new pk then this is useful. The SQL Server commands to find this are there too.

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